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A range of intelligent monitoring and security products tailored to support councils in curbing anti-social behaviour and to help better understand communities, available to hire Australia wide.

Anti-social behaviour in local government areas can be a costly and resource intensive issue that councils face, ranging from hooning, rubbish dumping to graffiti and loitering. It can be frustrating for residents and council staff, despite planning controls becoming more advanced in their efforts to curb these behaviours. With the nature of anti-social behaviour often being transient, affecting many locations at any given time, it can be hard to build permanent solutions into a streetscape. Catch offenders in the act with Vision Intelligence’s range of cameras, designed to be deployed quickly for any location, operating via 4G and off grid using solar energy.

Vision Intelligence works with several authorities across Australia to deliver both standardised and anti-social behaviour crime prevention tools from the Vision Intelligence range. The range is an imposing and professional way to stop offenders in their tracks.

Our Range for Councils
Vision Intelligence Sight

Sight | Security Cameras, Lighting & Access Gates

From solar heavy-duty to portable and trailer mounted cameras, our range is adaptable to all types of applications and terrains, from inner city metro areas to remote bushland. Each model utilises some of the most advanced technology available in market, enabling you to get a reliable, clear picture of sites in question at any time, 24/7 via the Vision Intelligence app.

The Vision Light is an affordable alternative to mains powered lighting, capable of flooding an area with 11,800 lumens. It’s easier to manage, consumes only a 1.1m2 footprint and is better for the planet.

Vision Intelligence Command

Command | Data Centre & Reporting Services

Harness the power of advanced analytics and machine learning to unlock powerful metadata to help you make more informed decisions. Vision Intelligence Command is the data centre which powers unique reporting from our devices, including object recognition, number plate data, asset location information, pedestrian and vehicle counting and more.

Contact our team to find out how Command by Vision Intelligence can help you achieve your objectives.



With 50 years combined experience, ISO quality assurance, a leading R&D team and 30+ branches across New Zealand & Australia, you can rely on Vision Intelligence for quality and innovation.



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