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A range of intelligent monitoring and security products tailored to support the construction industry, available to hire Australia wide.

Construction sites are hotspots for theft. With expensive equipment and sites left unattended at night and over the weekend, they are the perfect opportunity for intruders to make a quick dollar. Theft and vandalism on site not only costs money, but also time, hindering your ability to deliver a job for a client if you are broken into and your equipment is unusable. At Vision Intelligence, we design and manufacture monitoring tools using the best hardware and componentry that is rugged and reliable.

Our Range for Construction Sites
Vision Intelligence Sight

Sight | Security Cameras, Lighting & Access Gates

The Vision Intelligence range of cameras act as proactive crime prevention tools as well as retroactively offering a very valuable tool for identifying offenders. Our diverse product range offers protection for various site requirements, including indoor, outdoor and even shipping container mounted. With the Vision Intelligence app, it's easy to view your site anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We understand every construction site is different, so each installation is available to be tailored with custom trigger zones, minimising false alerts.

The Vision Light is an affordable alternative to mains powered lighting, capable of flooding an area with 11,800 lumens. It’s easier to manage, consumes only a 1.1m2 footprint and is better for the planet.

Vision Intelligence Command

Command | Data Centre & Reporting Services

Harness the power of advanced analytics and machine learning to unlock powerful metadata to help you make more informed decisions. Vision Intelligence Command is the data centre which powers unique reporting from our devices, including site traffic inflow and outflow analysis, object recognition, number plate data, asset location information and more.

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With 50 years combined experience, ISO quality assurance, a leading R&D team and 30+ branches across New Zealand & Australia, you can rely on Vision Intelligence for quality and innovation.



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