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A Leading Building Materials Supplier

A Leading Building Materials Supplier

A Leading Building Materials Supplier


A leading quarry and building materials company wanted to provide all truck drivers leaving their QLD quarries with a live view of their load and how it was placed within the truck body. The driver needed to ensure the load was centered before leaving site. This ensured drivers that the load was safe and thus helping reduce the risk of a vehicle roll over. If there was an incident, it was imperative that footage was available to help with the investigation. The optimal time to get the driver to view the truck load was while the truck was on the weigh bridge. Vision Intelligence was tasked with providing a camera system that could capture the load contents, display it in real time (wireless) to a monitor for the driver to view and also capture critical information such as the truck numberplate and if possible a view of the weigh bridge scales.




Vision Intelligence visited each site in QLD and tendered a customised camera configuration to suit. A V3 camera was installed on a 6m pivot post which was mounted to a concrete block / base. Vision Intelligence designed and manufactured the mast based system for our client. The V3 system is a low voltage system designed to run off 12V. It securely contains all the components associated with the actual camera (excluding the lenses), a router and an 18AH battery to provide a 6 hour standby time to keep operating in the event power was cut or disconnected. One lens was positioned 6m high, to provide the driver with a live birds eye view of the content and positioning of the load on a monitor. A second lens was positioned lower, approx. 2m from ground height. This lens would capture the truck's registration. In some cases a third lens was utilised to record the weigh bridge scale reading as the truck passed over the bridge. Each lens was configured to suit site conditions and to optimise the viewing capabilities of the camera. A video is saved of each truck coming over the weigh bridge to the onboard storage device and also uploaded a series of still shots to a cloud server where it is time and date stamped and kept as a permanent record. Quarry staff have access to the cameras via the Vision Intelligence app which gives them live streaming capabilities from anywhere in the country of their weigh bridge. Vision Intelligence also designed a maintenance portal for internal use to ensure the network and its customised functions. The customer were given access to a viewing portal to assist them in monitoring a large network of cameras, this helping them access data quickly and efficiently.

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